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Two friends, two beers, and a casual conversation about space. Landing monthly in your podcast feed.

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    17 - Larry from Boeing

    Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about DM-1, the future of the ISS, Shuttle and Starship aborts, and imagine what Boeing livestreams will look like.

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    16 - Imaginated Soap Buckets

    Jake and Anthony talk about New Horizons’ recent flyby, Chang’e 4, and take on a handful of questions from listeners.

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    15 - +1 Space Dagger

    Jake and Anthony discuss what 2018 will mean to future space historians, and announce the winner of The 2018 Off-Nominal Award.

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    13 - Bad Looking Unmixed Nuts

    Elizabeth Howell joins Jake and Anthony to talk about her trip to Baikonur, the recent Soyuz situations, the politics of the ISS, and Canadian space.

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    12 - Gary from Lockheed

    Loren Grush joins Jake and Anthony to talk about whatever the hell SpaceX is going to announce, Opportunity’s troubles, the masterpiece that is Space Craft, and why you never start in Mexico.

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    11 - That’s a Peach

    Eric Berger joins Jake and Anthony to talk about his recent trip to Kourou, the European launch sector, Commercial Crew announcements, and the social eating segment of JAXA launch streams.

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    10 - A Cafe in Milan

    Shannon Stirone joins Jake and Anthony for a deep dive into the history, present, and future of the Deep Space Network.

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    09 - Randomly Throwing Money Out Into the Cosmos

    Jason Davis joins Jake and Anthony to discuss when and why—but not how—humanity will go to the Moon and Mars. Okay, maybe a little how. And also some space policy talk.

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    08 - God Save The Queen

    While Anthony is away in Europe, Jake is joined by fellow space podcasters Matt and Jamie from the Interplanetary Podcast to discuss Jake's trip to California to see InSight and what's going on in the UK Space Industry.

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